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She Dog

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What is the best way to work a she dog and when is a good time to useit. For example, slow, fast, pop-it, smooth water, or choppy.
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Walking the dog

The most important thing about top waters is you have to be confident. And confidence only comes from having success using them. Once you had a couple of blow ups it gets into your blood. There are probably as many ways to use them as there are fishermen. Walking the dog is the usual method. What you do is give the rod small twitches that cause the lure to rotate about 45 to 90 degrees back and forth. You can get into a rythem and with practice it becomes second nature. As to where to fish them. I fish them every where any time of day. Shallow water, deep water, Hannas reef, the pens, the surf, SLP (out going tide) under birds and around the rigs. I might not catch as many as others but they are usually good fish. If you can find any channeled water coming out of a narrow outlet (where the bait is being forced thru) is a key location. It could be small outlets from the marshes or water coming through passes...
Good luck and don't get frustrated if it doesn't work. They will hit it when you least expect it. Also when you get a blow up don't set the hook like you do touts. I just put steadily increasing pressure on the rod. The fish will hook itself and if your not paying attention rip the rod out of your hands.
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Also tie a loop knot so it jiggles back and forth better!!
if you tie a chinch knot it does not move as well !!!!

Thanks, I appreciate your info. I will use what you wrote. Pretty new to saltwater fishing. Really excited about learning everything I can.

You have to try throwing top waters at night on a full moon. What a blast!!!! Went out last week and had a real good time. Brought home just 2 specks and a red but it sure is fun. And not so HOT!!! I threw a black w/ a charchuse head she-dog and it worked good for me. I know where you are coming from Keele, I'm kinda new to the top water thing. I just have to learn to drive by the bait shops.
use rapla knot see web page http://www.netknots.com/html/fishing_knots.html
gold spoon with a red tag is must have if you are using lure.
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