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Hello everyone,

Recently I asked permission on this board to place this post here about a tournament that we are putting together.

There is a group of us that fish together that have organized a fishing tournament dedicated to C.P.R. (Catch Photo Release) shark and redfish fishing. The tournament is being based on Padre Island National Seashore on the weekend of October 23-24 rain or shine (as long as the park is open). Currently there are no tournaments that we know of that are dedicated to shore based CPR fishing besides the Shark Rodeo which is based on data collection and nonmonetary awards. We have a "Leave No Trace" camping theme associated with the event and we are encouraging participants to help clean the area they fish in to make a positive impact on the beach. We are designing the tournament to allow almost anyone to have the ability to compete and win without any favoritism to any one type of fishing. We have also organized this as a not-for-profit event with all proceeds from entry fees paid to the contestants after tournament expenses have been reimbursed. The potential winnings could be quite substantial and will increase with each entrant within each division, with the three differnet divisions being shark, redfish, and most unusual fish.

Please follow the link below to find out more information from the website we have set up dedicated to the tournament.


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