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I'm really worried about sounding like one of them ********, but here goes!

I keep an old bath tub turned over in a hidden corner of the back forty, with a cinder block under it! Place the alligator, deer, hog, possum, skunk, rabbit, hefer, bull, nutria, shark or whatever head on the cinder block, cover with the bath tub and check on it every couple of days or so!

The cinder block keeps the experiment off of the ground yet the ants can still do their thing! When the meat/grissle has reached the desired level of gone, lay-off all the ants with a bottle of Greenlight ant killer and rinse the cleaned skull with water, then soak in 50/50 bleach/water for a day! Remove, let dry completely then spray with 6 or 8 light coats of polyurethane!
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