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Shark Jaws

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Does anyone know the proper way to preserve shark jaws ?? I have done the ant bed thing and that was groose and a waste. Tried to boil some, now that was a mistake, had pieces of cartlage and a pile of teeth when that was done.... Any help or comments would be great !!! Thanks Trey
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90% is what some Taxidermist use to strip meat from bone. It doesn't take that long for it to work. we use it at the plant in the process. It is a oxidizer so you have to be careful how you handle it. If it get on organice wood leather. It will burn you if it gets on your skin. It can start a fire if it get on that type of stuff. you don;t want to breathe it also it can bun you lungs. so if you can get some and use stay up wind a keep it off yours body.

I have done the ant hill thing I found it works better if you don't lay it on the pile but hang it on a stick just over it and leave a stick touching the jaw and the pile they well find it. If you leave it over the pile they will start to eat the cartilage and you don't want that to happen. you have to do some picking but most of the time they will get most of the meat off.

But the best way to do it is use maggots they will clean all the meat and flesh off the teeth and cartilage with out eating them. But they are hard to buy but. best way it to find some road kill and tuff out to get a supply. Then put them and the jaws in the covered five gallon bucket and in a few days they will be ready. Be sure to put them somewhere down wind from the house because rotten shark can be a little strong

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I had it happen to some Shark Jaw and found that my Chow Chow got them and down two sets before I figure it out. I figure she was dead but she lived to be 13 years old and she ate them when she was two. All the vet said to do was eye an eye on here and give her Ice cream. I think she went throught the Blue Bell fast than the Jaws
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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