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THIS IS AS GOOD A TIME AS ANY TO START LOOKING FOR THE NEXT PERSON WHO WANTS TO TAKE OVER THE ADMINISTRATIVE DUTIES OF RUNNING THE MONTHLY CONTEST. ibeafireman submitted a wonderful picture for this month's contest and through being a bit scatter brained, I failed to post it up with the others and left it out of the voting. My bad. So that tells me it is almost time for someone new to take over the duties. If you are interested in doing this, send me a PM. I will continue on through the end of the year but then it will be nice for someone new to take over in January. Please let me hear from you. Thanks.
James Newman

PS - This was Ibeafireman's entry for the contest. Again, I am sorry I overlooked it and failed to enter it for the voting. It is a very nice photo indeed.

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Hey James, dont worry about it. It happens to everyone. Especially here lately with the storm and all. Dont be so hard on yourself. Its not like the winner gets any money or anything....lol
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