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Secrets of The Dead

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Anyone watch this? Pretty interesting story.
Bet them japanese were plenty scared when they
started losing their heads. Hard to get them soldiers
back into the jungle after that. The L3 aircraft
shown at the end of the show belongs to friend
of mine he's retired from HFD took him over 2years
to restore it but it looks really good.
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The Airmen and the HeadHunters


Daniel Illerich is my step father, the tale is amazing and the heroic Dyaks who made the decision to hide these Americans from the Japs was even more amazing.

You guys should see the items Dan brought back from Borneo, a blow gun spear tipped, blow darts tipped with curare' and a REAL Jap samauri sword taken from a Jap killed by the Dyaks.

I am very glad that you enjoyed the documentary, get the book from Amazon and read the entire story.

They left out the part about the borrowed B-24 Liberator with the wrong parachute harness's.....yep, the B-24 they were shot down in had the wrong harness's and the had to taxi back and get theirs out of their plane which was being repaired.
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Danny tell him thanks for me for his service. My dad was in the 15th air
force in Italy and North Africa . He was in the ground crews got burned pretty bad in an aircraft fire sent home in mid 1944.
My friend with the plane spent some time with your step father he was really
impressed by him. These guys are indeed the greatest generation and true
American heros. GOD BLESS EM ALL
My dad was in the 15th too. He was a tail gunner on a B-17. Made numerous trips up and down Italy, and into North Africa to bomb Rommel's positions.
Got shot down over Turkey, was able to land, and was captured by the Turkish Army. There were a neutral country so his crew was interred for the duration of the war (about 8 months) then sent back to Chicago for mustering out of the service.
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