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Boats, Towing, Good People, and Barkett's Restaurant

I have run into several shrimpers and drum liners, crabber’s in the area via gas pumps, car wash, picking up last minute items at the store, post office, boat ramps, church, and while wade fishing the back lakes and shorelines.

It is with my personal experience, each time we cross paths, it’s a pleasant and informative conversation.

Just the other day, with customers on board, I was making way down the Victoria barge canal back towards the lodge. Right outside the drum hole, sitting in the middle of canal was an El Pescador with the engine cover missing. There was a man bent over on his knees working on the motor.

I made a sudden turn with the Majek and went back to assist. The gentlemen’s name was Lary Seydler (who has fished with us before). I asked him if he needed a tow. He replied, yes if you don't mind.

We towed him in and I refused to take a tip or money. (You just never know when you’re going to be on the other end)...What happened two hours later is a complete class act.

My wife and I decided to have a late lunch at Barkett's Restaurant. Shortly after making our order, Larry Seydler approaches out table and slides an envelope across the table. Larry said THANKS, we shook hands and he slowly walked away. You see, Larry saw my truck and boat out in front of the restaurant. Later on we opened the envelope to find a $100 gift certificate for Barkett's Restaurant.

There are many good people in the area.


Chris Martin
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