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Seadrift Question?

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We were fishing down in Seadrift this past Sunday
and were on the South Shoreline running toward
Panther Point from Pat's Bay. Pam and my brother
were with me and we noticed an old Gray shrimp
boat about 100 yards from the shore line anchored.

He had fishing lines out and was motioning us to
come over toward the boat. He was not in trouble
or hailing us but just kind of motioning us to come
over to the boat. Something looked fishy (pun) and
I didn't stop. This reminded me of an article that
was written by the guy Peter(crs last name) and he
had stopped in San Antonio bay and was attacked
by a so called shrimper.

This just looked suspicious. Has anyone noticed a
boat like this? It was painted Gray and had a make-
shift canopy on the back. Chris Martin help me out
here if you can. I think the person was up to no good.
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Boy did I open up a can of worms. Maybe I should have
made myself clearer. I was born and raised in POC, and
believe me I know a lot of people and have many many
relatives one who ran for constable there in Seadrift
Buster Nunley. But my intuition is usually right on and
this looked suspicious. Of course i know the law of assist-
ing people I pulled one poor guy in from moses lake when
his motor conked out and was trying to get in by trolling
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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