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I saw these guys and they were waving a flag at me as I was passing by. I didn't think twice about stopping. I had some people stop and help me out of a jam just a month ago and if they hadn't I would have been stuck out there all night with my elderly mother in law and my grandson. Whoever it was that stopped and helped me, (they never told me their names), I want to say thank you very much. I made a promise to myself right then and there that I would never ignore someone in trouble on the water. I didn't know about a law that says just that then but if you think about it, that seems right. There were three guys on the old shrimp boat. They weren't financially blessed to put it nicely, but they were fishing. I don't know where they got that old wooden shrimp boat but I hope they didn't pay any money for it, it was pretty ragged. I'll be honest with you, I was concerned about their looks at first too but I figured I would at least pull up close enough to evaluate the situation. If something didn't seem or feel right to me I figured I could at least send back help if nothing else. Besides, my wife and son in law who were both with me have their "carry" license and we almost always pack a persuader of some kind. Anyway, they were nice fellas. The Captain was a mexican man and he had two anglo friends with him. They said they just liked to stay out on the water over the weekend and see what they could hook. They had plenty of food and beer and you could tell they really enjoyed what they were doing. Their problem was that their battery was dead. I tried to jump it off for them but my battery wasn't strong enough to turn their old motor over. I think it was a diesel which would probably require two batteries or 24 volts anyway. There was no way I could tow them or do anything else so I offered to send back help or let them use my phone. They said no thanks that they had a phone and if need be they would call for help. Of course paying for it may have been a problem.
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