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Bay Rat Guide Service

Call Gary Gray at Bay Rat Guide Service. Fish with his group during each of the 4 seasons to get an idea of how they find fish at different times of the year. If you're launching from Charlies, you're only 2 - 3 miles from many great spots along the south shoreline. Run across and drop off your partner. Run on down a quarter mile and park the boat. Start wading the opposite direction of your partner. When he gets to the boat, he passes you up by a quarter mile and process starts over. Leap froggin helps you cover more ground without having to wade back to the boat. If either one of you find fish, milk the spot until you need to start the process over again. You will find the fish, but you'll have to cover some ground.

My experience tells me that the south shoreline holds fish year-round, but sometimes you must wade great distances to find the motherlode. Occasionaly you'll move 100 yards and pick up 3 or 4 trout in one one area, then you have to move a couple hundred yards to find 3 or 4 more. Also, some areas of the shoreline historically hold redfish while others seem to never have any. I don't know why it is, but if you look at the shoreline and see motts rather than shell, the fishing tends to be just a little better. At this time of the year, you'll need to get in faily deep. We've had major success wading chest deep the last few weeks while our shorter fishing buddies have nearly gotten skunked because they can't cast far enough out. My father has to keep one of his feet dry for a few more weeks while he nurses a nasty wound. He was drift fishing the same exact areas we were wading. The boat slap makes just enough noise to the point that we were catching 5 to every 1 of his fish during a 2 week average. Point is, if you want to catch a few fish, you can drift. If you want to catch a limit (and usually get back in before 10:00 AM), get out and cover some ground on foot.

As far as the back lakes, don't waste your time right now. You can walk the dog all day long and may be lucky enough to catch a limit of reds in Pringle, Contee or 5th. At this time of year, you need a scooter and you'll have to go much further back than 5th to get into a decent quantity of fish. Not to say that Contee, etc. isn't holding reds, but the numbers are way down during the summer. Look for these areas to start cookin' a week or two after the first cold front.

Wait, wait, wait.....I take all that back...the fishin' is better in Galveston. I recommend that over ESB. lol Good luck.
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