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seabrook flat or g bay

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yal think its fishable have not been in a month and dyeing tro get on the water cant do much with a acl injury like so might have to put the yak in ??? tell me what yal think
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If you can launch your yak legally and safely then I would go for it. Kayak would be better than a boat IMO because you don't have to worry about hitting any debris in the water. Unless your a resident I don't believe you can get on the Island so I would hit up Seabrook flats or somewhere around that area. Just be safe and don't forget a PFD and a whistle!
Man, I haven't been on the water in a few weeks and its driving me nuts. Tried to get down there today to see some of our customers, well what is left of them but its residence only still.
Fish in the Channel in Kemah. Lots of reds. My dad has been out twice this week and limited both days on reds and uglies.
Have u tried eating the fish? How does it taste? Last saturday i was out and caught a few, and put on the grill and it smelled and tasted like fuel/oil..NO GOOD!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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