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Sharkhunter and his crew arrived at the beach about 8:00 AM to catch the high tide. We where greeted with a flat surf and tons of bait in the wade gut. We Quikly rigged up two 4/0s on a couple of short rods and yaked out two pony mullet about 300yrds. It wasn't long untill we had our first run, a nice 44in. Bull red.

Sharkhunter reyaked out the rod and a few minites later we had a double hookup on Bull Shark. One Bull Shark was 5'2",

the other was 4'2".

We took out the lines again this time adding a float rig to out spread. The float rig got hammered twice but came unbuttoned both times. The two short rod where good for two more reds. Grand total 3 bullreds and 2 bull sharks.

The tide went out and the bite slowed so we rolled it up.

Tight Lines!!!

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