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Just got back from Columbia, SC with my boat. It has been at the factory repair facility for the past 6 weeks. Seems that when Brunswick took over Sea Pro a few little corners were cut and one of the results was a poorly fitted deck/hull join and it pretty much destroyed both the deck and the stringers on my boat.

They removed the deck and all the old stringer system, cut out some spots in the hull where damage had occurred, cut out some spots in the deck where cracking had occurred and generally took a look at every single part of the boat for any structural problems. They then replaced and glassed the stringers and bulkheads, put in a new fuel cell and completely rewired the boat, added a ton of foam flotation material, put it all back together and then made it look better than new.

The total bill to Brunswick was over $22,000.00 but of course I had to take it up there and then go get it. Transportation was the part they wouldn't cover. While it was off the trailer I had that rebuilt as well. New hubs, calipers, brake lines, wiring and LED lights were added. They also installed a new speaker system and amp in the boat, put in some new-style locker latches, replaced every single rocker switch in the dash and put in a new type of Bennett trim-tab switch and indicator panel plus sending unit.

I've often wondered about the horror stories I've read on this forum about hull issues and how the factories try to mess with the owner but none of that occurred in this case. I received approval for the rebuild the same day I emailed about the problem and one week later the job was started. There was no haggling and no attempt to blame it on operator error. I am impressed. I'm not trying to spam for Sea Pro because they are of course out of business but Brunswick still has a lot of boat lines and it looks like they do tend to back them up with a good warranty.

Anyway, it is back in Houston and ready for the Toy Run this coming weekend and then the Wicked Winter Swordfish Tournament starting in January. See you on the pond.

She Did Look Different

Jerry - I ran out to the storage lot to do a little pre-Toy Run prep on my boat and saw SD sitting in a different location and had to do a double-take. She looks great and ready to roll down the ICW for the Toy Run. Sounds like a totally successful run to SC. Congrats.
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