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So you have decided to do some cleaning and running scandisk. But for some unknown reason it is restarting and takes forever. Help is on the way. It is more than likely restarting because of some background program(s) running. So, lets shut them off.

Just as your computer starts to boot up (before the Windows "splash screen" appears), keep hitting F8 on your keyboard. A menu should come up. Choose the SAFE MODE option then run Scan Disk following the normal procedure and it should work just fine. When done, re-set your computer and be sure to switch back to normal mode.
Windows 95/98/ME Users:
Click on the Start Menu then select Programs, Accessories, System Tools, then Scan Disk. Select the drive you would like to check, then select the type of test you would like to run (standard or thorough). Finally, click Start.

WindowsNT/2000/XP Users: "Scan Disk" is now called "Error Checking" Why someone thinks a program needs to be renamed is beyond me. It's the same thing....

Double click your My Computer icon. Right click on the C: drive. Select Properties then choose the Tools tab. Under Error Checking, click the Check Now button. A dialog box will pop up, check both check boxes and click Start.

A dialog box will pop up telling you, "The disk check could not be performed because exclusive access to the drive could not be obtained. Do you want this disk check to be scheduled the next time you restart the computer?"

Boldly click the Yes button!
While your in safe mode, go ahead and run defragment.
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