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Saturday afternoon trip turns in to 8 Hour Ordeal

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Decided to go fishing Sat afternoon and take my wife with me. Put the boat in at Fat Boys and headed out to check on some trout action,No luck. Then went up to an area near pelican Island.Fished for a couple hours with no luck and then the REDFISH showed up. Iget a fish on and hand the Billystix to Diane and the fight is on. This is a big Red! once he sees the boat he decides to go south and breaks off.We have five more hookups and get 2 in the boat. One 25 in. and one at 22 in. During all this excitement the tide goes out and drops about 1.7 ft. UH OH. We are now stuck in the sand.Not Good. It is now getting dark.
Diane is not fond of being on the water when it is dark. The mosquitos are now swarming and I left the ( Off ) setting on the table at home.Tried to call a couple of folks on the cell to see if they were able to help but they were not available. Time to hail TowBoats US.
A fellow fisherman herd the call and replied but was not able to get in close enough to help and we lost contact with him after that. Its about 9:00 PM now and we are waiting for Towboats US to show up.
Here comes a Skinny water boat and its the fisherman whom I had talked to on the VHF radio, First thing he does is give us a can of ( OFF ). We tried to get the boat out but wasnt gonna happen.
Thanks so much to James Wallace who is in a fishing club at BP, They were camping on the other side of the Island. Diane is really not doing to good now.
Towboat shows up about 10:00 PM and at 11:00 PM we make the 1 hour trip back to the dock. Diane doesnt want to go fishing with me anymore.
If your going to be on the water make sure you have a membership to TowBoats US and get the Max plan. Dont leave home with out OFF.
TOTALS for the Day
One unhappy wife
2 redfish
166.00 dollars ( extra for the Tow)
One cracked Rib (thats another story)
A gazillion mosquito bites
Man I love Fishing
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Sorry to hear about your trip, James. But I'm glad it turned out alright for y'all. Were you in the same general area we saw you and Josh a while back?

Thanks for the heads up on the "Off". I think I have some on board my boat but I will check and make sure it's there.
A distress call list sounds good to me...

Mike, Ray, that sounds like a good idea for a new thread. Sounds to me like all we need is one perosn to act as the keeper of the key and generate the list. Those that want to be on the call list send pm's or email to that one person. Then the list could be passed around via email to those that request it.

Heck it could even expand to areas other than Galveston if folks in other areas are interested in doing the same.

Since I live in Channelview, I should also be able to help out for someone needing help around Baytown/Trinity Bay/LaPorte/Kemah.

1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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