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Went to Sargent this morning.

Wind was kind of strong but out of the north.

Surf was a little bumpy in close as the north wind stood up the swells but past that it was fine.

Tried to go to Mitchell's Cut first.

Water was dirty. Watched one person fish for awhile with live bait and he had nothing.

Then drove to the Cedar Lake Cut which is still open but likely won't be long before it closes.

Watched three people chunking lures and then wade back to the beach.

Nobody had a fish. Water was also very off color.

Green water is a long ways out.

Didn't see any bait anywhere and very few birds.

The erosion at Sargent where you first cross the GIWW has really accelerated again the past 3-4 years.

The surf is now against the concrete wall and/or granite revetment.

You can make it to Mitchell's Cut but it pretty tight between the water's edge and the edge of the high beach (what little there is of it)

Not the greatest day in the water.
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