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The seas were good in the morning and went to glass later in the day. As for the fishing, we went out around 45 miles looking for a big king, but did not get any big ones. We came across a nice weedline that held some decent sized dolphin, lots of 2-4 pounders, but did not spend too much time with them due to the tournament. While on the weedline a rod got knocked in the water, but Tex dove right in and managed to get it back. He lost some points on the ugly dive, but still got cheers all around.

Towards the end of the day we tried tying to a rig and chumming the kings in, but only got barracuda. While we were tied up we could see a huge shadow in the water, around 150 yards off, and an enormous fin would occasionally break the surface. The only thing we thought it could be was a tight school of large sharks, the shadow started swimming up the chum line and was heading right for the boat and we finally got a good look. It was a whale shark! It was almost as wide as the 23ft parker we were, and only a little bit shorter. It kept swimming up the chum line and right to the back of the boat, and then it bumped or bit the dang boat! We could feel as well as hear the bump. He did not hit it hard and must have know we were there, we think he was just checking us out. I was ready with a free lined sardine in case there were any nice fish with him, but there were only about a dozen smaller fish around him.

We tried one more bottom spot with no love form the kings, but there was a large hammerhead swimming around. It is tough to guesstimate the size of it, but I would say it was easily 250lbs. I threw out a live bait on a short wire leader and the fight was on. I did not have any long wire leaders, so the fight only lasted a few minutes. We tried to stay on top of him so the tail would not cut the line, but his second run was too fast. I was just happy to have turned him once.

On the way in we stopped at a shrimper and a few pilot fish came out to greet us along with a ling. Tex put a bait in his face and caught the ling, which was good enough for second place in the ling category. We had a great smooth ride in. It was not a lot of money, but more than the day’s expenses.

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