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slp sharks

O'amng, Great post, there is a direct correlation between the amount of trout vs. sharks in that area. On a strong incoming tide, the sharks will follow the bait back to those 6-8 ft. channels.
When the tide starts to ebb on the G- side, after the big morning tides. Try cast netting some mullet or shad and mulching your own slick on the leeward side of the channel. Throw some cut afterwards and hang on. If some *** doesn't chase the slick too hard, you should get the shark's attention.
I've had a good size shark hit my stringer out there more than once and finally started fishing for them. I used the "create a slick" from a kayak out there with scary results. You just have to do decide, is that gonna rest on my lap or not??
And how far is this shlieg ride gonna last?
The beachfront is in outstanding shape... Bolivar Pocket here I come. PA
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