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I hit the Pass later than I wanted (8:00 A.M.) after spending too much time trying to catch finger mullet in the cast net. I waded straight out on the Galveston side in the bay because the surf was up and I did not feel up to fighting the waves. After feeding a seemingly endless supply of hardheads my shrimp, I cast out a freelined mullet and after checking the bait a couple of times, I got a great strike as soon as the bait hit the water. The line was going against the drag on my curado pretty fast and I though I hooked a blacktip beacuse of the speed of my line cutting the water. Suddenly it ran toward me and it was a big spanish mackeral! He suddenly stopped his run, shook his head and out came the hook! Oh well, I tried another cast and set the rod in the holder on my doughnet while I changed lures on my other rig. My rod started leaning and I had another good run, but it spit out the bait. Next cast and I waited until I finally had a strong pull. I could feel something mouthing the bait, and suddenly my line started peeling off as I saw a big fin on the surface. I almost got spooled twice, but each time i was able to pressure him to slow down and turn back towards me. After twenty five minutes, I had a six foot bull shark next to me in shin deep water. Seeing his size, it only took me a second to do the sensible thing and cut the line. The fish took off like a shot and I eventually made my way back to shore. I didn't get that tagged redfish, but I got a good workout with my biggest inshore shark caught on light tackle.

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slp sharks

O'amng, Great post, there is a direct correlation between the amount of trout vs. sharks in that area. On a strong incoming tide, the sharks will follow the bait back to those 6-8 ft. channels.
When the tide starts to ebb on the G- side, after the big morning tides. Try cast netting some mullet or shad and mulching your own slick on the leeward side of the channel. Throw some cut afterwards and hang on. If some *** doesn't chase the slick too hard, you should get the shark's attention.
I've had a good size shark hit my stringer out there more than once and finally started fishing for them. I used the "create a slick" from a kayak out there with scary results. You just have to do decide, is that gonna rest on my lap or not??
And how far is this shlieg ride gonna last?
The beachfront is in outstanding shape... Bolivar Pocket here I come. PA
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