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Arrived late(9:30am) 2 doz. croaker--live; dead mullet; 2lbs. large shad for cut bait.

fishin the flats by bridge. low wind seas up to 1 foot. water sandy green.

no bites to this point.

overcast and clearing.

getting crowded. I just had two inconsiderate idiots pull up next to me and stab their rod holder right in front of my truck and cast out to where I am wading(see photo)

I guess I am going to have to educate them on ediquete at the beach.....


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I know how you feel.. Common sense doesnt play any part on some peoples thinking. Had that happen before also.. you just want to pick up there rods and toss them in the water. Call that lesson #1. Fishing Friday night at Seawolf, I had some guy throw over my line and tie me up on 5 FIVE!!! consecutive casts. I was strait out from my spot on the pier and this idiot had to cast directly next to me.. Brainless... and to top it off. Never once said "i am sorry" or even acknowledged that his casting was on a third grade level.. I wanted to educate him but cutting his line.. But didnt... Guess someone else wll have to do it for me in the future.. Idiot people!
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