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Went fishing on Sunday at San Luis Pass. The morning started out great! You couldnt have asked for a more beautiful, calm day. It was like riding on Jell-o. The waters couldnt have been more green and flat, and me getting easily seasick couldnt have been more grateful.

We started out about 7:15am. Nothing was biting. Starting to feel the aggrivation grow, we moved. Still nothing. Once more we moved. At last a bite. What was it? Nothing but sharks! I lost 3 hooks within 10 minutes. As soon as he could get 'em tied on I was losing 'em. Eventually I caught a little 6-8" hardhead. (Yipee!) The day wasnt looking to promising. Eventually we moved one more time. At last he reeled in a beautiful speckled trout (approx 18-20"). We thought our luck had changed. Wrong! That was the catch of the day.

Only other thing that got caught was us (in the storm). About 3:15 the sky went from dark to black and we were in the middle of it. We got everything picked up in the boat and prepared to head to the boat ramp when the sky started falling. We took refuge under an abandoned beach house. There was just enough room to get the boat half way under the ledge above us. Then it really started pouring. Thank goodness for the canopy, until the wind changed directions. We had to re-adjust the canopy to block as much wind and rain as possible. Sitting huddled under the canopy we waited for time to pass. At one point a strong gust of wind blew through and almost took the canopy with it. I though we were goners! Luckily the boat and canopy held up (not to mention the abandoned half rotted beach house we were under). Eventually the sky cleared and settled to a sprinkle, which is when we made our get away.

The day was interesting. Although we didnt catch much and almost drowned, I wouldnt trade it for the world. I had a great time and look forward to the next fishing trip. Thanks honey!
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