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Been fishing 1-2 times a week but havn't posted much in the last couple of months. Sabine winter reports be will be posted as much as possable.

Rain ended about 5am and Dad and I was at BC luanch at 9:00. Tide was very high and couldn't believe it was still coming in after almost 3 days of northeast wind and East wind blowing today 10-15 with overcast 56degree tepms most the day.(Sabinre River is flooding but DANG) Cow Bayou was stained as usual but the intercoastal looked good and 7 miles up the Bayou really look good.

Plan was to start east and with wind at our backs. Tide still incoming and that wind made it a great drift- Had to troll to move any direction most the time. Almost no sigh of bait the ertire day.

In 5 minutes Humminbird Sonar picked showed fish 3 times on bottom in 11'-13' "bottom of drop off. Thought about Hoginars but moving that slow and great boat control 1/4oz heads was every cast today. I threw assasins all day with a tiny tip of dead shrimp. Loop knot has now become my primary lure knot until it prove otherwise. Ckinken on Chain and Pumkinseed Char. produced best. Dad was arm with Gulp 4"Swimming Mullet all day.(2'-3' leader of flourocarbon on PowerPro is now religion)

Caught at least 40 combined rat-reds between 12 and 19 inches. I was nice catching fish but the every 10-20 minute 5lbs+ Red kept it interesting. Most fish were at the lower to middle dropoff either side of the Bayou. Probably 6-7 slotsized each with Dad snagging the biggest @ 7.75 on the Bolga.All Fish Released> flounder fished all day but reds ruled.Back at launch by 3pm.

Going in the morning- Forecast is Calmer-Sunny and near70. Plan is to go Wade around Garrisons Ridge for my first time while dad drifts way further out in the boat.


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