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Found a few fish between rain showers out of Galveston yesterday... here's the story.

Left Teakwood at 6:00 in a light drizzle. Headed down the ICW and as it got light, we could see that it was raining somewhere at the jetties. It was calm so we pushed through. Ran through a nice shower at the end of the jetties and headed in a Southerly direction and soon the showers broke and it was flat. First stop, huge weed patch at about 25 miles. 2 Ling immediately came out for breakfast. They were both borderline. Hooked one on a tout and brought him to the boat for a quick release. Then the chicken dolphin showed up. Played with them for almost an hour on trout tackle. They hit just about everything. We kept about half a dozen chickens for ceviche and let the rest go and moved on.
Put out the plastics and immediately had a nice king, C&R'd, then another. Both were in the 15-18lb range. Dad had snapper on the mind so I reluctantly moved in the direction of some numbers that he had received from a buddy. We passed over the spot and marked fish everywhere and could see the triggers suspended. Pulled in the plastics and rigged up to go deep. First few drops produced nothing, lost bait and a couple of short hits on jigs with tails. Then Dad proceeds to change up some rigging and nails a nice snapper on the next drift, and another and another. He has a nack for this... Nice storm coming, so just as we are figuring out the snapper bite, we decide to put on the plastics and troll towards dryer areas.
Wind has kicked up out of the north and it is a bit choppy. We troll off to the east, trying to navigate around some storms. Of course we get wet... but mainly because we can't even get 3 baits in the water without getting bit on the troll. It goes dolphin, kingfish, dolphin, kingfish, kingfish and on and on for about 2 hours. The fish were all over everything..... but there was an unusual prefference for blue over pink... we C&R'd about a dozen kings from 8 to 20lbs. Keeping 2 that were small, eating sized and not in the best shape to release. Storms passed and wind was kicking out of North pretty good and more rain was popping up, we begin to troll back towards Galveston. Pick up a few more kings, now on deeper baits. C&R them. Call it a day around 1 and run back in.
Not a bad day on the water. Great action and some meat for the week.


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