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Rollover Pass which has been open for 65 years in jeporady. The Gilchrist Community Association Needs your help to keep it open, please go to www.rolloverpasstexas.com and read the press release. Use the link to on our web site to read our response to their pier ammenities plan, view the television interview and comment directly to the GLO. www.rolloverpasstexas.com Thank you for taking a moment to hear our story and comment to the state of Texas.
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better watch these people , someones going to make billions offa closing rollover too huh?,, first comment> ""
So now the state (GLO) is involved in real estate development? That is crazy. So they used tax payer $$$ to a good degree, to buy the distressed property and now they are going to profit from a partnership with the company that defaulted on the original loan??? And this is a development that is being fought by a number of conservation groups...It really goes to show you how apathetic taxpayers are to allow something like this to happen. And they are dictating terms and conditions for federal funding from HUD? They are out of control. If you take a look at their website, they are in the business of protecting the coastline's ecosystem, not getting involved in the development of it by building thousands of structures with a golf course. I think the problem here is that this is yet, another agency that is not being questioned enough. What they are doing in my opinion is corrupt. Plain and simple. When will the taxpayers wake up and fight government's intrusion.""""

, WOW >
State to move ahead on Marquette development GALVESTON - The state's School Land Board said Wednesday it had finalized a limited partnership agreement with private firm Marquette Cos. to develop a 1,053-acre tract of pastureland on the island's West End.

The project could include thousands of houses and condominiums, an 18-hole golf course, a marina and 15-story hotel.

Although the School Land Board said the limited partnership would allow the controversial project to "move forward," officials were unable to define what that meant, exactly. Much depends on the forces of the real estate market, officials concede.

"I can't predict what the market will bring, but the acreage is still zoned for the planned development," said Jim Suydam, a spokesman for the General Land Office, which oversees the School Land Board.

The School Land Board in October last year surprised area residents by announcing it would pay Marquette Land Investments $10 million for the tract between 8 Mile and 11 Mile roads on both sides of FM 3005.

Marquette had proposed a massive development it called The Preserve at West Beach.

Marquette, however, defaulted on a $36 million Bank of America loan. Just days before a foreclosure auction, the land office acquired the tract and said it would partner with Marquette to develop it.

Financial terms of the agreement between the School Land Board and Marquette won't be disclosed until the project is developed, which could be years away, Suydam said. The land office said it would preserve much of the bayside property with conservation and easement restrictions. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers permits call for 350 acres to be restricted or avoided for development.

Marquette's development was strongly opposed by some residents and environmentalists for its potential harm to delicate ecosystems and traffic headaches it could pose.

This is a developing story. Read more in Thursday's edition. http://galvestondailynews.com/story/345718
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