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I saw a reference to a 'rod float' on another board. I assume it means a flotation device to aid recovery of a dropped rod and reel.
I have waded the surf for 40 years, I like it rough, and one of these days, I might drop one out there. I have seen it done, and I've caught others' rigs (one had a curado on it) near the pass, and helped guys who dropped theirs find 'em.
A float seems like one heck of a good idea.
Can anyone here suggest a tried and true rigup for one of these?
I guess you just tie on a stringer float, but I thought I'd check some of you experienced salts and ask. Since "KISS" rules supreme in the surf, we don't need anything that will get in our way. TIA.

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Academy carries them in a package of 3 rod floats for under $10.

It's a foam "sleeve" (similar to plumbing pipe insulation but thicker) that you wrap around the rod just above the reel. You secure them with velcro strips that are included in the package.

I use them on all the rod/reels that I take on my kayak. I'd post a pic, but my computer is down, and I'm using Backlasher's computer.

Rod floats work. They'll keep your expensive fishing gear from being lost in the water.
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