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I finally made it there last week on 7/26 Tuesday and returned on 8/4 Thursday. It was hot and dry there. I picked corn at Bucee's in Luling for $9.65 a bag and a few bags for Lowe's in Rocksprings for $10.99 a bag. Animals were hungry and thirsty but looked well. I worked on filling and servicing feeders, filling water troughs, repairing wind-damaged siding on the trailer and a new deer stand. It was so hot that I could only work from 8-11 in the morning and 8-9 in the evening. Pigs finally showed up at one feeder the second night that I was there. I decided to stay up and shot a 30-40 pound young boar at 10:30. A few nights later pigs showed up at another feeder. I sat there and at about midnight 5 pigs came in to play with the pig pipe. There was a large boar and sow and 3 smaller pigs. The big pigs would not stay under the lights so I decided to shoot a small roaster pig. Two shots with my trusty 22-250 and 2 pigs down. I'm looking to go back again in mid-September. We'll see!
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