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Left the Hill Country at 4am Sunday in hopes of finding a few fish. Arrived at 9:00am at N Cove Harbor only to find the entire parking lot full and had to go to plan B - launch at Conn Brown. Weather was nice with light winds, but HOT. Fished all along Lydia Ann and the normal spots that get over run by the weekend crowds but only found a few small trout an bunches of skipjacks, bunches. 8 hours total on the water.

Monday woke up with high expectations and fished the same spots but decided to make a run to the jetties to see what was biting. Baitfish and birds working the entire channel for about 2 hours. From what I could see, turned out to be spanish macs tearing up the baitfish. I broke off my only silver spoon I had on one since I didn't use a steel leader. The channel ended up getting crowded in a hurry even for a Monday. I decided to bottom fish near the rocks for a while and watch the crowds and this huge school of bait and the macs. It's getting hotter by the minute so I make another run and head over to the Pelican Island area and found more of the stinkin skipjacks. Darn fun to catch but I'm looking for a few fillets... 1 trout and 7 hours on the water...

One thing I realized, fishing on a Sunday/Monday doesn't mean you won't have any crowds with yahoos (honyoks!) mixed in. A guy in a dingy with a 15hp pulls right in front of me near (25 yds - seriously) and starts fishing. Another group of guys in an older Cajun burn the shoreline in front of me in the same general area. Gotta love it!!! Didn't ruin my trip though... :)

All in all a great trip and I got to see some things that make me realize just how lucky we all are to have such a valuable resource so close to home...our good ole Gulf Coast.

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