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The trout fishing in Rockport over the last week has been hit-or-miss. However, the redfish action has been very good with many upper slot and oversize reds on the flats. The tides are extremely high right now, and this has caused the fish to spread out. The redfish are cruising the shorelines in small groups of 2-3 fish, and have been receptive to most baits or lures.

Thursday 9/18 - I went on a scouting trip to locate some fish. I found some large reds cruising the outside beach of St. Joe island. Most of the fish were within 10 feet of the bank and had no problem crushing my topwater. The average size was around 27" with several redfish in the 30" range.

Friday 9/19 - (1 person fly fishing charter) - We fished some of the back lakes and found very few fish. Most of the redfish were cruising the banks and would not bite, or were very spooky. We ended with 5 keeper trout and 2 keeper size reds, all caught on the flyrod.

Saturday 9/20 - (3 person charter) - We fished with live shrimp around some marsh drains and reefs, and caught a ton of small trout and reds. We ended with 2 keeper size reds, 8 keeper trout, 5 sheepshead, and 2 drum. We had constant action for most of the morning on 17-18" reds and drum. Usually you would have a hit within 10 seconds of the bait hitting the water. It was one of those weird days where it seemed like every fish was just barely undersize.

Sunday 9/21 - (1 person light tackle charter) - We fished in the back lakes, sight casting to large redfish near the shorelines. Today, the redfish were hungry and extremely aggressive towards anything you put near them. We had several fish that completely inhaled our topwaters and swallowed our soft plastics (see pic below). We caught over 20 large redfish with most in the 23-27" range. The smallest redfish of the day was 22".

Also, I have a new video on my website of some friends and I running around in my new Beavertail Skiff. Check it out at the following link: http://www.flyfishrockport.com/beavertail.wmv

I am currently going through lots of video footage from this summer, and I am working on a fishing video with tailing redfish and sight casting techniques.

Capt. Rick Hammond
Clearwater Guide Service - Rockport, TX


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