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After the Billystix drawing, my 17 year old daughter and I went ot Rockport-I had to try out my new Billystix. Couldn't get shrimp, so fished Rockport Rattlers with only a couple of bumps. Checked into the hotel and got ready for Sunday morning.

We decided to fish Little Bay. My daughter caught her first salt water fish on a Rockport Rattler-a rat red. We fished a couple of hours and caught a fair number of rat reds, but no keepers.

We decided to see if the shrimp boats had come in, but they hadn't, but I noticed a "Black Salty" flag at one of the bait shops and decided to see what they are-a genetically engineered goldfish. I decided to try them.

About two minutes of fishing resulted in Tiffany catching a 15 inch flounder. Then, she caught a couple of hardheads and a rat red. Meanwhile, Daddy has caught squat!

I finally caught a hardhead and decided itwas time to leave. Overall, we had a slow morning, but Tiffany had a blast and that was the primary objective!
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