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Rivera Maya diving

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Heading down to mexico on Sunday for my honeymoon and just finished my NAUI certification Sunday. I was wondering if anybody has been down around that area diving and could give me some recommendations if possible. We will be staying at the Seaside resort. Any help or suggestion would be appreciated.

Thanks Chad
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Dive Center Akumal for Cenote diving - the cenotes are a really great dive. You do not need to be cavern.cave certified for this. The water is gin clear, and you feel like you are flying through a cave.

Also...in Cozumel (30 minute, $15.00 ferry ride) Caballito del Caribe. You owe it to yourself to do a drift dive...one of the very best dives in the world.

Just don't "Reddie" me if you take the advice and come back spoiled....
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