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Colonel Robert(Bob) L. Howard -Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient-, passes.

He has earned every award the army has. Recommended for the Medal of honor on 3 different occasions in a 13 month period(since 1917 you can only be awarded the MOH once). He completed 5 tours of Nam. Wounded 14 times-(8)Purple Hearts, (4) Bronze Stars, (2) Distinguished Service Cross, just to name a few.

.... Perhaps no man represented the quandary of the political and moral dilemma of the Vietnam War in the heart and mind of America better than Howard. He had become arguably the most highly decorated serviceman in American military history, yet few of his countrymen even knew who he was. Unlike Alvin York or Audie Murphy before him, Howard was not touted as a national hero by the media, he was given no ticker tape parade, and no Hollywood movie was made depicting his extraordinary exploits. Of course, none of this bothered the quiet, unassuming Howard. He remained in the Army and retired as a full Colonel, after 36 years of active service, in September 1992.--from wiki- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_L._Howard

Here is a great interview from a few years ago>>> http://www.pritzkermilitarylibrary.org/events/2006/07-27-robert-howard.jsp
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