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Rigs outside of Galveston

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Went out early on 6/7/04 in a 21' Sea Pro to the North Jetty, things were slow all around. Headed out into open water after a few hours because the sea wasn't too rough and found 2 rigs almost straight off bolivar beachfront about 10 to 15 miles away. This was the first time we'd ever been rig fishing and shark seemed to be the only thing around. Are there any rigs within 20 miles of the galveston jetty that harbor good snapper, ling, or king fishin? Didn't seem to find them on those 2, and no more rigs in sight so we headed back that afternoon. Nevertheless, a good day to be out on the water.
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Ernest said:
Maybe not snapper, but sharks, kings, ling, spanish, trout, and reds. Buy a Hilton's map at your local academy or on line. Tons of spots within 20 miles of the ends of the jetties.
Just remember that outside of 9 nautical miles, it is a Federal Offense to be in posession of a Redfish, regardless of the size or where you caught it. If you catch a Redfish in state waters, you need to take it to the truck before you go into Federal waters and if you catch one outside of 9 nautical miles, you need to put it back to be legal. I'd hate to see someone get busted for something like that...
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