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LOL, Kim! That reminds me of...

...the time we were joking about the recipe for fixing cabbage-heads (the big white round jellyfish with the mild sting). Remember, I came up with the Cabbage-head pico thing. :biggrin: When I saw Badhabit's thing about cevechi it instantly reminded me of the pico stuff. I think for the ribbon fish I would chop up somefresh ribbonfish meat, onions, peppers, tomatoes, and cilantro...squeeze on a little lime juice and stuff the heads of large ribbonfish with the concoction and serve them in crisp corn tortilla bowls with iceberg lettuce leaves llining the bottom of the bowls. Place 2 or three of the stuffed heads, up-ended, in each bowl and surround them with wedges of peeled avocado.

MMMMM-Mmmmmm! :cheers:
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