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I am going to share my favorite rib recipes with my TTMB family. Hope yall like it.

First boil one to four slaps of baby back ribs in water for 15 minutes. Then place the ribs into a shallow baking dish and use 2 bottles of Stubbs pork marinade and cover with foil and place in the oven on 250 for 2 hours. (2 slabs will fit in one baking dish) After one hour take the ribs out and gently turn them over. Cover with foil and return for the remaining hour.

When the ribs are just about done in the oven now is the time to get the grill hot. (Medium) Be extremely careful handling the ribs now because they should be practically falling off the bone. Pour off the remaining juice and put the ribs on a large platter to take out to the grill. Any BBQ sauce will work but the one I really like is Sweet Baby Rays original "The Sauce Is The Boss".

Use two tongs to place the ribs on the grill bone side up. Coat that side with BBQ sauce and then flip the ribs to bone side down. Generously coat the ribs with sauce. I usually just pour the sauce on and use a spoon to spread it over the ribs. Wait 5 to 10 minutes and apply more sauce. Wait 5 to 10 minutes add more sauce. 10 more minutes the ribs are done. Use 2 tongs to remove the ribs being careful because now they are really falling off the bone and enjoy.

Try it! You will be hooked!

Drifter :cheers:

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This sounds wonderful...Troutsnot and I are looking forward to trying it since we keep a stock of Baby Back Ribs in the freezer.

Amen to Sweet Baby Rib's Sauce...the only store bought brand we keep in the house!


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I never boil my ribs,it is too much trouble for me. Why not just put them on the gas grill for 2 -3 hours with indirect heat. That is what I do and they will fall off the bone. I use several different seasonings and the only difference is the taste you are trying to accomplish. I put olive oil on them sometimes but it is not a necessity. Just my way of cooking them.

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This my first post--- but I could'nt just stand by and watch while your talking Ribs I have used this
recipe for years. My son in Baton Rouge thinks its great ---if it can pass his test it must be good.

Cut the ribs up to fit on the grill with out over lapping each other.If you have to use two layers (shelves) of your smoker you will have to move the bottoms one up to top about half way through the cook cycle. The closest shelve to the fire will burn if your not careful,

You need:
Brisket Rub
Stubbs BBQ sauce
Wish Bone Italian Dressing
Tomato sauce---small can
Mesquite chips
Mopping brush


Smoker or Grill: Get some mesquite chips and soak in water till fully soaked (that makes the smoke) place about a cup or cup and a half of the soaked chips and wrap in foil (closed up ) Cut a hole in top of foil and place it directly on the coals. You want to smoke the first few min.--- no need to add more chips after the first batch is burned up.

The ribs should be at room temp
Sprinkle Brisket Rub all over the ribs (to your taste) and let set till Brisket Rub becomes moist.That makes it stick.----5 Min + -


Stubbs BBQ sauce small jar---- this stuff is real thick so I break it down with Wish Bone Italian Dressing--small bottle

Mix about one part Stubbs to two parts Dressing you can add water if need to.I sometimes add about a half can (the little can) of tomato sauce. That is your Mopping sauce

Put ribs on grill let cook until they start to turn brown--start your mopping--you need to turn the ribs ever so often and mop.The ribs will look dry when you turn them over that's what you mop.
Cook slow on low heat 2 or 3 hrs. This could change depending on the heat ---the slower & longer they cook the more tender they will be.

After they are done and the fire is burning down (the last few mins.) you could wrap them (the ribs) in foil and leave them on the fire until you are ready to eat,they will be moist and tender.

Sometimes I don't wrap in the foil ---just to make the ribs a little more crisp----Your choice

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