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Rhino Lining for a boat?

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Has anyone heard pro or con on using rhino liner for a boat? I have a buddy who is taking his carpet out of a kenner and he is considering a sand colored rhino lining to take its place.

Any and all suggestions welcomed!

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I belive its been tried but I'm not sure of the results . But whats wrong with rollin on some good ole Gel coat . Ive done it once on my Baymaster when I took carpet off deck . And did it first thing when I bought my GC 7 years ago and just last month did it agin . It was pretty inexpensive (cost ruffly $ 125 for material) and only took an afternoon to do it. Including grinding off the old stuff.
Its very easy and with some webbing it looks nice and isnt slippery.
I can email you exactly what you need to do if you want ?

Ps A friend of mine opened up a Rhino liner place in Beaumont a couple years ago. And I helped him a couple time's the Spray on kind it nasty to deal with
i don't know how it would work on a glass boat but my buddy got his alluminum boat done and it works great.

Anyone ever try spraying a trailer? Just curious.
I think that Rhino lining would add some extra weight that you don't want. I would use a floor paint and add the non-skid additive into the paint that you can get at Home Depot.
dupli-color makes a roll on bedliner that might work. since it rolls on you can apply a much thinner coat then the spray on products like rhino that should help with any weight gain. it's much cheaper too, probably do the boat for less then $100
Check West Marine. They have rubberized non-skid for @ $40 a gallon. Think it is called Evercoat.
Going Coastal, e-mail at [email protected]

I need to do the inside of my boat. Thanks
There a product called durabak that goes on with a roller and if suppose to work fantastic...

just google "durabak" to find their website and you can order directly from them.

It's expensive $99 gal for black other colors are higher but the finish is non-slip and suppose to be very tough...
don't ya think that it wouild git perdy darn hot in that Texas sun? My bedliners gets perdy hot on a sunny day. Just my $.02
It's heavy, and it's hot....
Porch and patio paint (acrylic or oil) works great with a little swimming pool filter sand (silca) thrown in for tread. get a custom mixed gallon for 20 bucks. you can buy cans of spider web paint at hobby lobby and it holds up great.
Did it to a scooter that had a sh!tty gel coat job. held up forever....Clean with acetone first.

***Tip*** on the webbing spray; you can turn the nozzle 90deg to shoot a better fan on horiz surface...it's really cool, don't get too happy with it, or you'll have a black deck. Practice on a board first!
Good luck, have fun.
Capt. Scott
thanks for the info guys! I'll forward it to my buddy. for further input I am going to have to get him to sign up for ttmb!
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