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Hello all,

My name is Bill Karel and I am a research biologist with TPWD. We are currently conducting life history and genetics research on billfish captured along the Texas coast and are trying to collect samples this summer. We realize very few billfish are landed but anything anyone could do to facilitate our collection efforts would be appreciated.

We are trying to collect a piece of fin (for the genetic study) from releases and will furnish any fishermen who are interested in working with us with a large vial of ethyl alcohol and instructions on collecting the finclip. If any billfish are landed, we would try to arrange to collect a finclip, the gonads, the 2nd dorsal spine, and (if possible) the head for otoliths. Our billfish technician(s)are attending most of the tournaments along the Texas coast and will distribute the sample vials and help collect any additional samples that might be available. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have concerning our research project. Thanks.

Bill Karel

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

Perry R. Bass Marine Fisheries Research Station

3864 FM 3280

Palacios, Texas 77465
[email protected]

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You might try contacting the Houston Big Game Club if you haven't already.

Good luck, I'm sure that most everyone on this board would be very interested to read about what you find out from studying 'Texas' bill fish.
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