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I have two cheapie surf composite rods that have decent action blanks but crappy hardware(guides,seat,and handle) that I've decided would be better to experiment on than ruin a new blank. I would like to stay with foam grips for now I was wondering if you have to open the inside diameter of the foam to fit on the rod or will it soften up enough with a hot water bath. The largest foam inside diameter I can find is about 3/4 in and the rod butt is about 1.1 inches. Will it stretch that much?

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It is not hard to fit eva with a smaller diamiter to a rod with a larger diamiter.

1. Slide grip down the rod to just where it stops.
2. Mark the blank at the top of the grip (tip end)
3. Wet several sheets of paper towels, wrap around the grip and place in the
microwave for 45 seconds on high.
4. Apply epoxy on the blank from the mark to the butt of the blank.
5. Unwrap grip, slide it on to the rod. when it stops wrap fingers around the top of the grip(with rod in vertical position) and push down. It should slide easy into place. Grab the back of the grip and strech back out to original length.
6. Wipe the rod down with a paper towell soaked with acytone.

I would suggest that you use an epoxy that has a 30 minute setup time to give enough time to work all the kinks out. LOL

Hope this helps.
Tight Wraps,

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