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Me and my bud ran out of the refuge Saturday morning just before daylight and the roosters crowing.With a northeast wind blowing lightly we headed down the north shoreline in search of some bigger trout other than what Trinity Bay had been offering in the last few weeks. Well when we pulled up to our spot we climbed out we had mullet rafting everywhere and small fin fish running for their life. I just knew this was going to be a good one. Little did I know! My budwas throwing tops and I was chunking 5" limetruese swa's. After two hours of chunking with one nearly keeper and my bud having several blowups and swirls we decided to run across to the south shoreline with the wind becoming more east than northeast. Well It didn't pay either just a few dinks and more swirls for my bud. Pushing noon we decided to work our way back toward the ramp. While crossing the bay we had several flocks of schooling birds with nothing under them but dinks! So we headed on across dodging a few storms and thunder boomer's in search of another spot.

So we found another spot ate some lunch. Before I could hardly finish choking my sandwich down my buddy had already bailed out and was hooked up with a topwater bite. Well being my slow self as was I fiddling around I glanced up up and that boy was hooked up again and this time I was getting the arm wave to come on and bail out! Inc had reds crashing his tops like crazy. So I joined on in for some action also! Now with the storms moving right on top of us at the time we decided to call it a day. We honestly can say we left them biting.Ended the day with 4 Reds for the grill and no trout.
Thanks for the company old Buddy!

P.S. When I arrived at the house it reminded me of just how peaceful them thunderstorms really were! Fishing beats the heck out of honeydews any day of the week!
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