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Greetings fellow fisherpeople!

First and foremost I would like to thank 2coolfishing for sending me a
birthday greeting! Thank you!!!
Passing forty wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. That was three tears ago, and it was painless!

Some of you know me and some do not. My name is Larry Rabe and I have a
rod and reel repair shop in rockport,tx..
I wish to thank all of you who have supported me and traded with me this past year.
I am moving to a new location here in rockport. The new location will be
at 200 navigation circle, which is where all the bait houses are on rockport
This is a must move as the freak who owns the building I currently reside in
just can't wait until I vacate, because of the unpleasant odors from the cleaning solvent I use to clean reels.
I have to clear this up. First off, I use oderless mineral spirits and transmission fluid to clean reels. This does not smell at all.
This person just does not want me in the building because she does not like me.
Personally if you ask me, her pet shop, which is next to my shop, stinks to high heaven from all the snakes and rats that she sells. I would take the smell of grease, trans fluid,rotten shrimp and etc.. over the smell of unclean animals in cages that this pet shop sells.
So if any of you come to find me in rockport and can't find me at my old location, I will be at the new location in rockport harbor.
Thank you, Larry Rabe

( old address)
Rabe Enterprises / Custom Rods
Rod & Reel Repair
1005 E. Main st # 3
Rockport,Tx. 78382

( new address)

Rabe Enterprises / Custom Rods
Rod & Reel Repair
200 Navigation
Rockport, Tx. 78382
(361) 729-1993
email: [email protected]

Good Fishing! Larry
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