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Redfish Cup - Kemah - Live

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Went to the weigh in yesterday on the way home from work. Pretty cool event...sound problems and all. fyi -- Its hotter than he!! standing out there. Bring a hat and some sunscreen.

Cool link w/ "live" weigh-in results.

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Forgot to mention: Weigh in starts at 5:00pm today and 3:00pm on Saturday.

That's cool,,,,,

Both Lloyd boys are sitting top 20... I hope they can make a move...


If anyone can do it.. John and Eric can....

John, Troy said you had better win


of the best guys around LLoyd 1 Lloyd 2 and Havens.... they do a lot for us and we really appreciate them!!!

Now get over and get BAYFLATS TRIP TO 2K!!!

LagunaShupe said:
That's cool,,,,,

Both Lloyd boys are sitting top 20... I hope they can make a move...


He knows where they are! Give him a minute or two! Go get'em John! Lots of boats out all week. They were coming in Tuesday just after lunch while we were eating on the boardwalk, one after the other. It was way better than the big bote parade we usually watch. LOL

Heard that some of the cup folks were hangin out at that new winery just south of the boardwalk in the light house district. Pretty cool place, great wine.
Theres a winery in Kemah? You must be joking right. Send me directions. Iwould like to try it out sometime.
D-Vine Wine! Good stuff. Stickem...your killin me. HA!
hey schupe-------------

say it ain't so, not the Lloyd boys. I won't hear the end of it. and Havens too????

I hope they do well, i've got faith in all three of them. Great guys as well.

If anyone wants to hear some stories about Jimmy Lloyd when he was a little guy, just let me know. LOL

Capt. Forrest
jim franklen had 19# yesterday and 17# today
yesterday he had 16.94 pounds
If your out today at the Bored walk come see me. Park you boat in front of the store. I will be at the Spa Warehouse on Bradford street( on the way in to the b/w across the street from the big parkinglot. I will be sitting in the gazebo selling hot tubs for a friend.I met a 2cooler yesterday who said he placed 12th . These guys are travelling a good ways to get their fish. Sabine.

I would like to meet Lagunashupe
Mickey Eastman Jr. made the final five. Didnt know there was a Mickey Jr.
Seen lots of nice boats drive by today
Thought I saw a bigfoot on a Rune yesterday, could have been a ghost
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