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Recoil Guides

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Can anyone provide any feedback on these guides... I have seen some of the major players are offering them now...
What are the advantages or disadvantages?
I know they are durable but do they cause friction problems with your line?
Are they lighter than regular titanium guides?


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All of the above and one more thing...

They are 70% lighter than the top of the line FUJI components we use...

We have our ProStaff throwing every type of line imagineable through them and the feedback is 100% positive from our ProStaff.

We do tip our rods with a FUJI tip now to cut out any chance of wrapping of braided around the RECOIL tip.

If you have any ?'s call me.


281 931 1601
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Rumor has it this has occured... we don't take any chances anymore.

1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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