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On September the 27th at the TOBA bull red tournament base camp. John from Coastal Paddlers will have a trailer load of kayaks for people to demo in the surf. It can not get any more real world then paddling the kayak you want in the surf.

John will have many of the newer models of kayaks, this includes Ocean Kayak Trident 13 and Trident 15 for demo.

John carrys almost all major brands of kayaks. Right now most all of his inventory is marked down to make room for the 09' models.

So if you are in the market for a new kayak, this is the time and place to try out what you want. Call John and he might be able to bring the kayak you want to try down to the beach and cut you a great price on it.

John @ Coastal Paddlers @ 409-899-4397.

Also do not forget to buy raffle tickets. All the proceeds go to help support TOBA. We have some great stuff to give away this year.

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Think he would bring a scrubby ole Scrambler XT?

Sorry I gotta buy loooowwww end but this one seems to get good marks for a starter and maybe more.

Once in one I would likely become a junkie trading up as I can.
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