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* Read if you are a Comcast customer

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I just got my Comcast bill in the mail today and noticed under the summary section it said "billed from 9/18/08-10/17/08". I called Comcast and they informed me that all Comcast customers pay a month in advance. I asked the guy why would I pay my bill if I didn't even have cable back yet and haven't had it since the hurricane. He said to pay this bill then to call in once I got my cable back and they would adjust it for the October/November bill for the days I was without it. This is the point to my email- he said if you want your bill adjusted for the time you were out of cable you have to call them and let them know when you have cable back on. Those that do not call in will not be automatically adjusted. I'm not a fan of Comcast at all but can't get satallite b/c of all my trees or actually what is left of them thanks to Ike. This generator crud is getting really old! I envy you lucky ones out there with power.
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if you go to comcast.com and write in the search area " hurricane ike " the search will show a couple results, the first one i clicked on there is a note stating they will provide a credit etc with an email area to open up and fill out, i did it last night . ,, slow down yall,, breathe in ,, breathe out ! the pres. said help was on the way ! i seen him on tv say so,, lol ! after someone moe with smarts better than i can post a link here maybe so others can find it.
yea that stumped me too,, reduce the image area to 75% and like magic the submit button shall appear. fill out everthing and in the bottom right coner change the zoom level to 75%
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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