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ray1.jpg I just picked up a boat in Ft Lauderdale, brought it back to San Antonio and I am updating all the electronics.
1st to go is the C120 Display, and the 24" RD24 Radar. Both function just as they should. I have it out of the boat now and rewired / networked everything so there will be no guessing how it all goes together.
I have cell video of everything working if you would like to see it, or just come over for a demo - I'm in San Antonio.

The 12" display shows signs of age. All pixels work, but there are some areas where the color contrast is fading, and the anti glare coating was buffed off years ago as with most of these units. The screen is very bright so you can still see everything, and all the buttons / functions work. There is small crack in the bezel cover that is not really noticeable, but it is there. The bezel still snaps on to the screen and is very secure.

Radar works perfect, and I have a video of that running with the top cover off as well if you would like to see it.

The C120 requires a GPS Antenna and that is also included.
There is also a navionics card in the machine that will go with it.
One of the previous owners lived in Matagorda so there are a few GPS spots still on the card.

Everything you need to plug and play.

$800 cash for it all
I really do not want to ship this. I have a fish camp in Port Mansfield that I try to visit as often as I can so I can deliver/meet in the corpus area.
Or, come by my place in San Antonio.



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