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My son and I went out to fish the surf for a few housrs yesterday, its been a while since we were able to get out. Obligations and such.

We hit the surf at 29th street and fished the groin there with dead shrimp and cut shad. Just looking to put some fish - any fish - on the line for my boy since he's not been in the water for a while. He and I fished maybe 3 hours total and caught several smallish whiting, some spots, a ray and we each caught a 12=14" redfish. He was happy about the reds, even though they were runts. My friend and his boys who came with us also caught two rat reds in the same time.

I tossed a strawberry shrimptail for a while too and had a few strong hits but no hookups.

Bait was everywhere, water calm, and trout were slamming shad up against the rocks, should have thrown some mirrolures in there but the weeds were thick against the rocks and I had a happy son to enjoy watching - you go where your heart is after all. It was a blast.

Never thought a 2" hook could land a 1 and 1/2" gafftop though.
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