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If I was given a dollar bill every time someone asked us about fresh water, we could all make a road trip to Vegas and gamble for about two days. LOL

Look, we're still catching fish despite fresh water run off. Here are a few photos from the past days. Enjoy. Remember to be safe on the water and keep an eye out for weather.

Most fish are either being caught over deep shell or area shorelines near hard sand with grass patches.


#1 Randy Boone and guest got the job done quickly before the storms hit, Guide TJ Christensen 6-25-04

#2 Mark Medley and son's wade fished with Norton lures, despite heavy showers did good, Guide Jake Huddleston 6-25-04

#3 Matous Construction, Ltd. from Belton, Texas did it again, 3-man limits with a big flounder, Guide TJ Christensen 6-26-04

#4 Alvin Kneiser guest 2-boat afternoon 1/2 day trip, heavy winds & dirty water, not bad! Guides Harold and TJ 6-27-04

#5 Day-2 Alvin Kneiser and guest one boat wading with top waters another fishing from the boat, Guides Jake and Harold 6-28-04

#6 Mr. **** Lee and son with guest 3-man limits of trout, Guide TJ Christensen 6-28-04


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Capt. Chris, PM me with the first name of angler #6 so I can adjust the word censor.
TIA (just put a couple of spaces in the name when you PM me)
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