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Quick Fishing Report --- Just Scaly fish though =(

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My normal fishing trip on Saturday got squashed -- My wife was sick with food poisoning -- So my attempt to catch shad and keep them alive was all for not ... However on Sunday she was feeling a lot better =), so I decided to go out Sunday afternoon ....

Got to Nickajack around 3:30 in the afternoon .... Fiddled around - tried to catch some shad , all I could catch were huge Gizzard shad that were so big they looked more like Drum than shad .. lol .... Caught a few skip jack and drifted some cut bait -- Not even a bite -- ughhh ---

I then made a decision to see if I could keep some smaller skippies alive ... I took my big round 25 - 30 Gallon plastic tub and filled it with water - Put a little shad keeper in , some ice and hooked up the infusor .... I then proceeded to catch about 30 - 35 small skippies - I would estimate 6" , however they were very hardy and you could tell they had been gourging themselves .... They did well and in the next couple of hours -- They all stayed alive w/ the exception of 2 ... I was pretty excited about that ...

I figured I had about two hours before dark and if I drifted some live skippys in the swift water - I could catch some stripers and may have a shot at a big Flathead ..... Although no flatheads graced my presence =( ... The next two hours were filled with striper after striper -- I caught so many my arm was sore ... No really huge fish -- The largest was 20# -- Most of them were in the 10 - 12# range -- Very hardy and good fighters .... Hope I can catch a Catfish soon .. I am jonesing for a big blue ...
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Not bad! Hope the wife is feeling better! If its any consolodation, I caught 1 6" bass while fishing for bait! and not another bite all day sunday. I told my wife I shoulda went to nickajack! dang inlaws....Oh well..maybe in a week or 2 I will have another shot at going!
Hope the wife is feeling better, food poisining isn't a fun thing to have, been der done dat.

I reckon stripes are better than nothin, take whatever stretches the line ;) I would have killed for some 6-8 inch skippies Friday, or better yet, some of those BIG shad. Like I said earlier, all I could get was 3 inchers, but went ahead and put 4 or 5 on a 7/0 hook.

Glad the wife is doin' better...10 to 20 lb.Stripers all evenin'?Shooooot....:cheers:
Man -- I tell ya - It was a blast -- It was even a bit more unusual in the fact that they fought like larger fish -- They peeled drag like the big boys ... Everything was clickin -- Even when catchin skip jack .. I would throw the rig and catch 5 at one time ... unreal -- I cant believe they all 5 would stay on ...
It was like dat behind Pickwick about a month ago. Caught plenty of bait, but didn't need a boat even, stood on the bank catching dem on popping cork, and foam fly. WHAT A BLAST. :) Don't you love it when de moon is right?
Catfish said:
My normal fishing trip on Saturday got squashed -- My wife was sick with food poisoning
Yup...been puking for 3 days...I got into some bad clams saturday night..this sucks. I feel for your lady Catfish, I don't wish this upon anyone but my worst of enemies. I had the good old wisdom teeth cut out a month ago and the fun hasn't stopped since.
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