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Too Tall said:
Anybody running them? Likes/Dislikes of the engine? Maintenance, those sorts of things. My wife, aka "The Finance Department", has finally given me the go ahead to buy a boat. Personally I think she agreed just so I would quit bugging her about it. Anyway the boat is a 21' Explorer TV with a Honda 150 on the back and will be used up and the Coast. I have ridden with Capt. Black and discussed in length with him and a few others about this hull and I like it. Was also on board the Don Coyote the day the "Perfect Storm" blew through Baffin. Man what a ride. What I don't know about is the Honda engine. I bought my wife a Honda CRV because of the outstanding service and quality of the vehicles. Is it safe to assume that also applies to their outboards? Thanks for the help.

There was a problem with corrosion on the early ones in salt water, that problem may have been repaired.
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