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Got a 1997 Honda 90

and am well pleased with it. Runs very quiet, very economical and extremely dependable. I used to trade e-mail with a young man in Louisiana who had the same motor as mind. Being young and unmarried all he did was fish and work. He put over 300 hours on his in a little over 18 months. No mechanical problems--just change oil and maintenance. I once saw a posting on another board of a guy who ran a dive boat out of Hawaii w/ twin 90hp hondas. Had over 900 hours on them w/ no problems...just change oil & maintenance.

Without a doubt, you will hear complaints that "they're too heavy" and "four storkes won't last" and "four stokes don't have a decent hole shot". Check the specs and you'll find they are heavier BUT the 2 strokes often don't weight in the oil reservior as part of their weight (and they won't run w/o lots of oil).

In short, nothing is perfect. I like the reduced maintenance (no de-carboning every "x" period, no changing plugs every few months, no expensive special oil to use, etc). Spend your time fishing and not doing OB mechanic'ing! I firmly believe 4 stroke OBs are the future. Prop it right and your hole shot will be fine.

If you live in NW Houston, I'd be glad to see mine and hear it run.

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