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Question re: Spy Sweeper

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I have Spy Sweeper installed and run it nearly every time I get off the net. Lately I've been getting this message:

List Index out of bounds (190) {the number varies}

You can only press OK, no other option available.

What does this mean?

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I'm stumped

I use spy sweeper and have not recieved this error. I tried some searches to pin it down and did not come up with anything unless your using Delphi or burning Cd's. I will keep searching and hopefully someone (Shadman..hint hint) will jump in here.

Time for me to learn something new today.
There appears to be a bug in the software that causes "Array out of bounds" errors, or so say a few people's opinions at Download.com . I would try uninstalling and reinstalling the software to see if that fixes the issue. If not, uninstall it and grab another software like Ad-Aware, etc. You can go to www.download.com and search for "spyware" in "Downloads" and it'll pull up a zillion. Sort them by rating and number of downloads and read some reviews. If people say it's buggy, move on to the next. There are a bunch of good freewares out there for spyware/adware detection and removal. Good luck!
Running AdAware also, but...

the "problem" seems to have gone away. Haven't seen it now in 2 days. Updated AdAware this AM. I'll let you know if it reappears.

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